August 5, 2021



Strategies For Productivity For Homebased Business

Imagine being thrilled that a speaker you’ve been dying to hear is holding a seminar in your area. You find her URL where you can check out more about the upcoming seminar. So off you go … and run into a huge problem … you can’t find any information about the seminar!

Two hearings are slated for March 11, 2013, and the others on March 14, March 28, 2013, and April 10, in St. Petersburg, FL; Silver Spring, MD; Gloucester, MA; Fort Lauderdale, FL; and via a public conference call and webinar. NMFS also pans a conference call and webinar on April 18.

If I had to live off of only one food for the rest of my life – it would definitely be an avocado! It’s a delicious, nutrient dense fruit that is packed full of phytonutrients, healthy fatty acids, essential oils, potassium, fiber, Vitamins B and E and folic acid. It is also one of the most energy rich foods in the world. It is believed to be incredibly healthy for a woman’s reproductive system as well. I eat an avocado pretty much every day as one of my 6 to 8 daily meals.

Webinar Tip 4: Be clear with yourself WHY you are doing this webinar. Is it a freebie? Do you want to make money? Is it to gain practice? Because if you aren’t clear, you will put pressure on yourself for the wrong reasons i.e. it has to be perfect (but it’s my first one); “I’m doing it for free” (but you can’t afford to) and so on.

I currently have several novels in the works and I’m also in the process of writing a health book for middle/high school aged children. I recently finished the production of an 8 entitled the “Words of Wisdom WOW Series” by SeanDon. I’m currently presenting the WOW series to local busineses, schools, churches and other groups. The series will ultimately be video recorded and available for world-wide download online. I’m also working on producing an interactive online coaching system for the future.

This is a critical feature necessary to organically grow an online presence. This feature will allow your website to be found and rank higher on the search engines such as Google. Someone searches for an investment advisor in your area; you want to make sure you can be found.

If you can imagine HOW you want to be, then start being that person NOW. The change has to start somewhere. Today is the best time to start being the person who want to be and letting your inner light shine.

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